2012 – The Movie

Last week I made a presentation at a conference on 2012 organized by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles in Albuquerque. Since this was held at the day of the release of Roland Emmerich’s movie 2012 (intentionally released at a Friday the thirteenth) most of the participants went to its first showing after midnight on the same date and so did I. At that time the movie theatre was full and the audience larger than at the 2012 conference we were in where people were discussing the real story of the Mayan calendar. As one might expect nothing was right in the movie 2012 and, what is also noteworthy, it seems that no effort whatever had been made to get it right either. To begin with it supports the urban legend that the Maya predicted that the world would come to an end. This of course is not true. The contemporary Maya do not say that and there is no ancient Mayan source that says this. Instead, what the only existing ancient Mayan inscription says is that when the calendar comes to an end then nine cosmic forces will descend and these nine forces is what serious students of the Mayan calendar are interested in. Hence, this is not a movie I would recommend to anyone, but since I am so involved with the topic I felt I had to see it. I should say however that the movie was not as scary as I had expected based for instance on having seen Independence Day that was made by the same director in the nineties. 2012 is simply a standard Hollywood product with the typical ingredients of presidential worship and sentimental family dramas, that does not give anyone a reason to think more deeply about the topic and maybe this is exactly its purpose. It does however present a few observations that seem relevant from a more serious perspective such as the precarious situation of the US dollar and possible demands for a cancellation of debts. Yet, these phenomena do not really seem connected to the Mayan calendar or results of the cosmic plan in this movie.


The Mayan calendar as a serious description of a cosmic plan is of course not even mentioned or that the real end date has to be something other than December 21, 2012. In fact, overall I cannot say that the movie 2012 is on a more silly level than most New Age ideas of an event happening on the particular date December 21, 2012 (pole shift, Nibiru, galactic alignment or solar flares). In reality no such event could ever have been predicted by the ancient Maya, but to many who do not want to think outside of their existing box these have become urban legends that Hollywood is tapping in to and reinforcing. What the ancient Maya would have been able to do however would have been to sense the shifting energies of time in the same way as thousands of people today are rediscovering the daily use of the Sacred calendar and that there is a reality to the shifting energies that it describes. But to highlight this is far from the purpose of the simplistic interpretations of this movie. The 2012 movie seems to primarily have the purpose of distracting people from the ongoing transformation of consciousness and the associated socio-economic transformation. The best way of doing this is to focus on so-called Earth changes that we really have no reason to believe will happen in the years ahead but yet seems to be the line of thinking to which many people have been wired.


A curious result of the movie, and the fact that at least in one form the Mayan calendar goes mainstream, is that academic scientists have become engaged in debunking its validity and so for instance NASA, and some Mayanists, have issued statements that the world will not come to an end in 2012. While I may agree with that conclusion it seems odd to me, to say the least, to think that astronomers or Mayanists, who have never studied the evolution of consciousness would have anything of relevance to say on the matter. To understand the nine levels of evolution described in the ancient description of the end date it is not sufficient to be an expert in any particular academic discipline such as Mayanism. What is required is that you take a holistic approach integrating knowledge from historical and biological evolution in all of its aspects. To understand the big picture of the Mayan calendar you have to be able to see the patterns of evolution of consciousness and there is no way you will do that by directing telescopes to the sun or the center of the galaxy. Hence, while these astronomers may be able to debunk, and rightly so, a galactic alignment (which happen every year and does not mean anything in particular in 2012), Nibiru or a pole shift, they are not even aware that these are misinterpretations of the Mayan calendar to begin with, which is really about the evolution of consciousness. This shadow boxing where astronomy experts are debunking what the Mayan calendar is not about shows what a strong grip materialism has on people at the current time. The mainstream scientists and the media are simply not letting in the serious research about the Mayan calendar as a consciousness phenomenon and keep emphasizing the date December 21, 2012 to distract people from co-creating a new world. It is so much easier to concoct some simple idea about what will happen in 2012 such as a giant solar flare, a galactic alignment or a magnetic pole shift than to communicate our higher purpose and the necessity for people to participate in the manifestation of the cosmic plan if this is to manifest. This also attests to the difficulty of conveying the existence of a divine plan that operates through quantum shifts in consciousness that are really not directly measurable, but clear from all the effects these have had over billions of years.


It is worrisome that plans are said to be underway by Emmerich to create some kind of a television series on the topic of 2012, since this surely would continue to keep people in the dark about the socioeconomic transformation that is meant to result from the transformation of consciousness. Nonetheless, the very fact that this film was made and some superficial knowledge about the Mayan calendar has reached the mainstream does reflect the fact that people, at least on some level, are becoming aware that this universe has a purpose. Hopefully many will go on to explore this in more serious ways and see that there is indeed hope for humanity if we are willing to co-create it.




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What a interesting movie here

What a interesting movie here I have seen. Sounds like cool. I share this info with my friends. Waiting for your next movie. Wish you all the best. Thanks

2012 movie is excellent.

2012 movie is excellent. extraordinary visual effects. the movie is very inspiring. I have seen this movie 10 times and everything is very good. The main thing is Scripting and Editing is very good. screen play is Extraordinary!!

Fear Based Hype

While not wishing to sound judgmental for everyone is entitled to how they perceive 'truth' personally; I feel from what I have seen on the previews of this movie; and I have not nor do I care to even see the movie; as I do see it as based on hype and fear based and less on what are the facts!

I see the calendar pretty much as you do a bases of energies which are geared to our own evolution (Spiritual Evolution) as I tend to refer to it!


People think that they have a

People think that they have a purpose and fail to see that the universe also has one. I can be hard to accept that maybe the universe has other plans. I guess it is a common case of blindness caused by ego.

just on the basis of an

just on the basis of an ancient calendar, the earth's as well as humanity's future can not be predicted. This is ridiculous.

I like this movie, do you

I like this movie, do you wait for 2012?


Very well documented and

Very well documented and profound message. This is a great post. You should devote an entire Web page to this article. Maybe expand.

Awesome Movie

Hey ... It was a super awesome movie... A li'l far from reality but still it was beautifully made. I really want to watch it again.

Nothing is ever right from Hollywood

As you rightly say: "As one might expect nothing was right in the movie 2012 and, what is also noteworthy, it seems that no effort whatever had been made to get it right either" -
Its such a pity that people are being miseducated by the innaccuracies that are presented as fact

I really enjoyed

I really enjoyed the film. But I think that it is far from reality. I hope such will never happen.

Post review

I am happy to find so many useful information here in the post, thanks for sharing.

I thought the movie was so

I thought the movie was so good. It was good from beginning to end. I thought the insight was so good.

It is the best movie I have

It is the best movie I have ever seen!

Hey there, to be honest I am

Hey there, to be honest I am least bothered with all the fake speculations! I don't think there is anyone on this earth who can predict the end of the world, so, please don't worry live your life the way you normally live.
Chris Harris


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Good post, thanks

Thanks for such good information sharing ;)

We saw it twice

We saw it twice ;)

Movie 2012 ... Perhaps all

Movie 2012 ... Perhaps all this nonsense.


Hope it will help.

I agree that there is some

I agree that there is some good in all of this in that may people aren't aimlessly running day through day with no thought or concern of why we're here. But I don't know if making a TV show about 2012 is the right thing to do.

no one can predict the end of

no one can predict the end of the world only the GOd.

2012 was an expected movie

2012 was an expected movie ... but it didn t create a lot of good critics ... personally i like it..

Future moments.

I have read his article several times. Surely, it's a great problem when we start thinking about our possible future after December 2012. We can't plan something serious because it can be destroyed in any time. I was searching for the files regarding Mayan calendar but I didn't get anything really interesting... And now noone can say something precise. That's not good.


I have watched 2012 and I believe that the world will not end on this exact year. I have read various Yahoo! investigations and essays that defy theories regarding cataclysmic explosions, tempests and rupture. Just got to put faith in Him.

When I watch movies I can't

When I watch movies I can't help being aware of the choices made by the makers of the film. Apart from all the fancy digital effects and the cartoonish plot I couldn't help taking note of the Rinpoche in Tibet who made it clear to his disciple that before taking action he should empty his tea cup.


you may call the movie

you may call the movie typical Hollywood disaster movie, but still it is rather impressive. because of its realism first of all. it gives food for thought and reminds us that it's not much time left before we can face anything alike but true. there were lots of talks about the date December 21, 2012, but personally I think those are mostly talks. have recently seen a very interesting science film and can't but agree with the author saying that this day will mean the beginning of a new life phase, no end of the world or anything of the kind

They do know the correct date ...

Dear Carl,

thank you for your work and your great new book!

I think the makers of the film "2012" do know the right date, because there is a scene, where a countdown has to be adjusted and they adjusted it to the time (display in close-up):

000 00 28 10 110°

I looked at this scene for several times an i do not think that this is an accident.

Best wishes!

2012: Spoilers in this reply.

I submitted a movie review because I think the movie was fantastic. Although not "correct" in a technical sort of way, I thought that the movie perfectly illustrated conscious co-creation. That was the entire purpose of the movie. Now, I do not know if everyone knows what that means, so I will elucidate.

Conscious co-creation, to me, is the creation of reality through the thoughts of humans. Except instead of creating the universe randomly, we have learned precisely how to control this phenomenal cosmic power. At each stage of human evolution, as evidenced by the Mayan Calendar, we see shifts in consciousness and old ideas are tossed out for new ones. When humans remember that they really are the creators of reality and stop getting in their own way, then we will have situations like the ones in the movie, hopefully on a smaller scale(keep reading, don't freak out yet).

The situation I refer to is played out on a global scale and on a personal scale. I will explain the personal scale. The first was that the universe sent to Jackson(Cusack) a man, Charlie Frost, who knew exactly what was going on. Jackson thought the man was crazy at first, but came to realize the truth of his ideas over time. Jackson, although he did not realize it at the time, was perfectly prepared for this adventure, having just written a book in which the heroes have a happy ending. The critics called him "optimistic" as I recall. This is important, as it means that he was listening to the universe, and the universe is always optimistic. He recognized the threat and above all, wanted his family safe. He maintained an attitude of optimism and hope and the universe obliged. At no turn in this adventure did he despair or throw his hands up and say "it is hopeless". No, he trusted the universe and at every turn the universe delivered, even unto moving the continent for them to land. The universe kept them from being crushed by jamming the gears of the gate, which also kept the russian and his children alive, and gave him the wisdom of his son when that blockage had to be removed. Every minute of that movie contains these little messages. Every minute is the universe whispering: "We hear you and we have become what you are thinking about"

The message of the movie is this: Listen to your instincts (the universe). There are always clues to what comes next. Maintain an attitude of optimism and hope no matter how bad it gets and the universe will deliver everything that you need. THAT IS CO-CREATION. All of those people who survived KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were going to survive and they did. All they had to do was maintain their attitudes of hope and gratitude and optimism and they ALLOWED themselves to survive.

For 2,000+ years, the "end of days" has been a scary ghost in humanity's tales. Apocalypse, armageddon, WWIII. In the year 1,000, people gave everything they had to their churches because THAT was supposed to be "the end". Then Y2K. Here now is a movie about it, but that movie states unequivocally:

"We (the universe) will give you whatever you want, of course. For so many years you have been worrying about an apocalypse and the end of the world and we state to you that you can absolutely have that if you want it. However, that will not be the end of things, because those of you who know that we give you exactly what you are looking at and talking about will look in the direction you want to go, and think in the direction you want to go and we will absolutely move heaven and earth for you, just as we did for all those who were looking at and talking about the "end of days". So now that you know this principle of how things are done, what would you love to look at and what would you love to think about?"

So that is my treatise on this movie. It filled me with optimism and hope, just as it was meant to.

At least all that noise

At least all that noise about the End of the Days could possibly make people search deeply on this theme,what will lead them up to here and increase popularity to this site..
I do not believe that anyone will get out from cinema with a good answer on what is the date of 2012 really about.So, they will go further on.
If all this scary voices about 2012 were not heard around, the most of the people wouldn't probably have the idea that something is going on.
So everything is going according to plan.. :)

Nice thought

I have never thought it might be so pleasing to read one’s thoughts and enjoy them so much.

I think that it says a lot

I think that it says a lot about the Mayan calendar that NASA thinks it needs to step in. The fact they're issuieing statements to the public about how the world is not going to end in the year 2012 is kind of odd to me.

I also saw and greatly

I also saw and greatly enjoyed the movie 2012.

Obviously, it was a great special effects movie; the scenes of whole cities being swallowed up in the earth was breathtaking.

Now, as to whether this is going to happen this way, I agree that it is unlikely...however, we must remember that in life, nature always provides the "dialectic", ie., always provides 2 choices of what to believe.

So, no matter whom has the correct theory/postulation of waht is to happen on or about 2011-12 is not that important.

The fact is that those with the truth are going to be sifted out from those who are incorrect in their theory, and there are a lot of them, mayan, pole shift, planet-x appearing, entering the photon belt, return of quetzlcoatl, ???, etc., etc.

As we near the date, it will become obvious that there it is going to be a period of great change in humanity. Personally, I do believe in the raising of consciousness amongst the majority, such that those left behind the curve will find it difficult to survive and also increasingly difficult to relate to the rest of the humans population, as if they "just dont fit in anymore."

I also beleive that every relationship that we regard as being true is going to be severely put to the test and we will not be able to count on anything as a given anymore...ie., your best friend, your wife/husband/significant other/etc Will 1 + 1 still equal 2?

The best summary of what is going to happen by 2012 (IMO) I had found written by an unknown on an obscure blog a few months ago....

"By 2012, the line between reality and illusion is going to blur."

I concur with this concise assessment and have taken to it when someone asks me about 2012 and I have but only a minute to explain it, that is what I tell them, and whether or not they know anything about 2012, none so far had any trouble understanding that statement, even if they dont agree with it; to which I have another brief if somewhat disturbing reply for them, "sit back and watch it happen."

2012 - a movie not about 2012

Dear Carl,

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I also mostly agree on your points. This is a shift of consciousness, not a shift of the earth crust. If the earth crust shifts, it is only to assist shifting the consciousness, probably not necessary. Luckily, in the film there is a slight shift of consciousness towards a more loving and humanitarian attitude, though it's in a very American way, how it's been done in hundreds of Hollywood films before.

I just saw the film myself. Prior to it I was concerned on how it might distort people's ideas about the Mayan calendar and the shift we're experiencing. I'm not too concerned now. It's a disaster movie that someone was bound to make anyway. There just had to be some reason why such a global disaster would take place in our time and it could be expected that the Mayan calendar + various other prophecies would be exploited. I'm glad it was done by Emmerich, at least there was some positive viewpoints, good action and effects and most important, not much emphasis on fear and terror - despite of the scale of destruction.

This was a grande disaster show, not a film about Mayan calendar or other actual 2012 references at all. I see it's much less damage to Mayan calendar than Meg Gibson's Apocalypto, which portrayed the Mayans in a very negative light, in a very violent and sinister movie.

As the film is centered in USA (suprise!), it's good to notice that behind the one dollar bill, there is the pyramid with 13 layers and the all-seeing "Sauron" eye. On the first layer is the year of american independence 1776, marking the end, not the beginning of a katun. A "short count" from the beginning of this cycle in 1756, following 13 katuns (13x19,7 years=256) brings to 2012 - apparently the end of something in USA! Maybe the end of Hollywood...

"You are not here to save the world, but to heal your wounds. When you have done this, everything else will fall in place without effort" - Jeshua

The Movie, 2012

Hi Carl, I enjoyed reading your comments on the movie. While I don't disagree with your points, I see it a little differently. I believe that humanity is aware of what is taking place at the level of its collective unconscious and that such films are a product of this unconscious need to prepare. Like almost all hollywood "dreaming," the film is not fully self aware, but in a kind of Jungian eruption from deep within, it attempts to portray (universal) transformation through (global) death. This may have been weakly expressed in the context of Mayan teaching, but what's important (even amazing) is that it was. In that sense, we are all a product of both individual and societal consciousness, wherever those points of awareness happen to intersect at a particular moment in time. What I'm saying is that there is no reason to find fault with a process that is simply part of who we. That same process will move us forward to our individual destinies.

2012 the movie

Thank You Carl.
I did not watch this movie yet but I am glad you took the time to write on it.
They will all understand, sooner or later.

Nice review

A great commentary on our obsession with apocalypse. I thought that the National Geographic article provided some good background as well.

National Geographic and 2012

2012 The Movie

Thank you, Carl, for your always-intelligent comments on the latest Hollywood style apocalypse. This 2012 frenzy will only get worse among those who let their minds be controlled by fear. I believe that this end-of the-world fear is being fed to the public, not just to make money, but also to purposefully slow down humanity's evolution into the light of peace and plenty for all - what we old hippies used to call the Age of Aquarius.

Nowadays I call humanity's progress the Ascension Process. I've been an observer of this process since my birth in 1939. This specific period that we currently find ourselves in is the make-it-or-break-it place for specific individuals. Ascension is assured for Earth herself. Her volcanoes, etc. are her way of releasing negative energy. But her ultimate goal is the opposite of the 2012 movie -- she wants to recreate the Garden of Eden. Only humans who are living in the frequency of love will vibrate on a high enough level to enjoy that life.

It is important for more calm, rational people to reach out lovingly to those whose minds are easy prey to the dark forces. Dr. Calleman is doing this with his wonderful books. We can do it, too, in our own way. I talk about Carl's work and recommend his books to friends and students. Most importantly, those of us who want a much better world must create it in our minds and live it as much as we can every day. We must not allow the fears of others to bring our vibration down, but rather let our light lift others out of the constricted blindness of un-thinking fear.

"2012" The Movie

I thought "2012" was fun to watch.

The notion of evolving consciousness is interesting. To my mind, what distinguishes the way evolved consciousness looks at previous levels of consciousness is compassion, not complaint!

Apocalyptic stories have been told all along. It's part of contemplating our destiny to going through the transformation of our bodies by what we label death. We need stories and in particular for describing the unknown. Precision in detail is of minor importance, I think. Those who are on their way to expanding their consciousness won't be distracted from the process by movies like "2012".

An interesting part of the movie is how spirituality is represented. Not by Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or Hinduism but by a Tibetan Lama who said you had to empty your cup that was now overflowing with speculations and other products of "monkey mind".

Fear of the effects of "2012" is unnecessary if the coming transformation of consciousness is to be taken seriously. Transformation is already happening. The shell of the old is cracking for all to see. We need not fret and worry.

Response to Imogren

Dear Imogren,

Yes, I also could enjoy some spectacular effects in the movie. Reading your response raises the question however whether we can count on the evolution of consciousness to work its way through regardless of what we do or what happens. This is a difficult question to answer with certainty. I feel my research has convincingly shown that human history is conditioned by changing energies in the Mayan calendar, but does this mean that if we take the evolution of consciousness seriously we can just sit back and ignore everything that is happening around us? Personally, I do not think so and I believe that to a certain extent the course of events is deter mined by the choices  we make. For this reason I think it is important to tell people that this movie, or any of the prevalent ideas of earth changes or galactic events, lacks a basis in the Mayan calendar. Moreover, some people are frightened about 2012 simply because they do not have access to the relevant information and what we at least can do is to try to provide it. To some this will remove hurdles on their evolution according to the cosmic plan.



I had watched the movie and

I had watched the movie and the special effects were impressive. The story follows the mayan calendar which portrayed that earth will end at 2012

The Source of Mayan "energies"

I feel the idea that consciousness is "evolving" can be explained more simply as being an increase in global awareness of the Creator's Plan and Spirit. The Mayan calendar is only a measuring tool -- and it does that beautifully -- but it does not possess special powers of its own. Carl poses the question whether we can just "sit back and ignore everything that is happening around us." The fact we have this awareness at all makes it impossible to sit back and ignore what is happening. The question is whether we take our relationship to the SOURCE of this transforming energy seriously. While I believe that cataclysmic earth changes are likely to accompany the conclusion of this epoch, the real key to address is the spiritual quake happening within you now. The Creator has revealed Himself in numerous ancient (and culturally disparate) writings over thousands of years (including various tribes of native American Indian), as YHWH, pronounced Ya-Way. We cannot move forward through this time without being conscious of our connection to Him. It is time to call upon YHWH, whose Son (Yahshua) will soon usher in the 5th World of the Maya. Call upon Him daily by name and express your thanks for His Truth.

I agree, we can't just sit back.

Dear Carl,

Thanks for your comments.

I don't know the technicalities but think of the Mayan Calendar as the consciousness weatherman telling us that the coming climate change calls forth an expanding consciousness in mankind. And that we won't be able to avoid this process. The suggestion is that we all take this opportunity to contribute to the unfolding of change with what is uniquely ours in the way of ideas, visions, and deeds.

When I watch movies I can't help being aware of the choices made by the makers of the film. Apart from all the fancy digital effects and the cartoonish plot I couldn't help taking note of the Rinpoche in Tibet who made it clear to his disciple that before taking action he should empty his tea cup. I liked that, and to me it was a sign of awareness on the part of the film makers.

So, I will take heed of his suggestion and be aware that my action should be as free from old thought patterns as possible to be helpful. And it's very reassuring the consciousness climate in the days to come will support this.

The Movie "2012"

Thankfully I don't think anyone is is fretting or worrying, just we would all like things to be portrayed truthfully, wholly and properly, It is of course of no real concern as you say because consciousness is evolving whether we think it is or don't, but when movies like this come out, that millions of people watch, you do feel the need to present corrected information to those who are interested in learning.

I had a lot of respect for the reviews of the professionals on this site, because they provide an unemotional grounded and informative view from the source of the information - The Maya themselves.

Carl and others have a remarkable level of compassion for those who spread these ideas, I am impressed because for example people who challenge other institutions such as the church get told they are going to hell, and in lots of cases disappear altogether. These reviews are peaceful pieces of information I know as I have studied with him and worked closely with him, he just feels the need to present untainted information as an alternative, Even though this is his life's work, when he gets challenged, he does not get caught up in emotion, just fact.

But as you say again, those who are evolving anyway, will not be distracted by this movie, but we must respect these professionals work, as all information we receive in this world comes from somewhere, and someone who bothers to put it out there, so once again, thank you so much for providing the public with this ancient indigenous information Carl and others!

2012 - The Movie

All I can say is thank you Carl for providing a clear understanding to those who are interested, your work is invaluable.

Respect, appreciation and love

Doug - Melbourne

This gives very fortunate information

Hello,I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.

I took my 12 yr old son and

I took my 12 yr old son and 19 yr old daughter to see it and despite a few lame script choices such as the presidents last words (which reminded me of Fred Sanford in Sanford and son)we agreed that it was edge of our seat action. Which is what we expected. I also thought Woody H. Played a great nut job.at least before making movie…u should read the law o physics….if polar change there places that will effect satellite position….and in this movie , makers will forget all the law of science.