2013—The Beginning

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Media recording of MCP's "2013—The Beginning" Meet the Authors online webinar session with Dr. Jim Young, Aluna Joy Yaxk'in and Dr. Mark Van Stone, the authors of Dr. Young's anthology titled "2013! The Beginning is Here."  

The live event took place on Saturday, November 3, 2012. A warm thank you to all those of you who attended!  We had a record turnout and did not have enough spots for everyone who registered, so we are making this recording available to all who could not attend.


2013! The Beginning is Here (book)

Dr. Jim Young's web site

Aluna Joy's web site 

Mark Van Stone's web site

The Serpent and the Jaguar (book)


This recording is available for free viewing for anyone with an MCP user account—you may view it at any time from any computer as long as you are logged into the MCP web site with your user account.

If you wish to share this link with the general public, please be sure to let them know they will need to sign up for an MCP user account to view the session. 

IMPORTANT NOTE!  If you are unable to view the recording, it may be that your browser or perhaps your operating system is not compatible with the format of the recording.  The optimal browser to view the recording is Firefox, on both the Mac and the PC.  Please try viewing it on Firefox before contacting us.  If Firefox still does not work, please email us the following information: your computer (Mac or PC), the exact version of your operating system (e.g., Mac OS 10.7 etc), and the browsers you have attempted to view the recording on.  This will help us troubleshoot. 

TECHNICAL NOTE: We experienced a technical issue with the audio in the first part of the session; you may hear a little bit of echo from time to time.  Our apologies!