MCP Mayan Tzolk'in Support & FAQ

Welcome to the User Feedback, Support and FAQ page for the MCP Mayan Tzolk'in mobile app.  This page supplements the main MCP Mayan Tzolkin page.

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Where do the glyphs in the app come from?
The glyphs in the MCP Mayan Tzolk'in mobile app are based on authentic Mayan daysign and number glyphs.  They have been styled and optimized for the mobile platform by our designer.

Where do the Energies of the Day come from and why are they different from so many others?
Composed by poet, author and MCP producer Birgitte Rasine, who has been studying and living with the Mayan Calendar since 2006, the “Energy of the Day” descriptions in MCP Mayan Tzolk’in are based on authentic interpretations and practices of this sacred calendar that have been made available to us by the Maya of the Guatemalan highlands.

The reason these Energies of the Day are different from so many web sites, books and other mobile apps, is because each and every one of the 260 energies has been interpreted within, and applied to, the context of modern-day life and the challenges and opportunities it brings into our lives. 

Why do you include the 13 deities in the app?
As many of you know, the sacred Tzolk’in calendar does not involve deities.  However, the 13 deities are known to be associated in some ways with the 13 numbers, and we have therefore decided to keep the deities as part of the app purely for additional interest.  The deities do not in any way figure in the calculations of the dates or the interpretations of the Energies of the Day.

When I first launch the app, all I see is a static image of the MCP calendar rings.
When you first download and launch the MCP Mayan Tzolk’in app, you will see a close-up of the MCP calendar wheel.  This image is simply a cover screen, a placeholder while the rest of the application loads in the background, so you don’t see a blank screen.  If you give it a few seconds, the cover screen will disappear and you will see the actual application.

I downloaded the app but I can’t figure out how it works.
Once you are inside the application (see question above), touch the “i” icon in the upper righthand corner of your iPhone or Android smartphone screen.  That will open up the “How it works” section, which explains in detail every feature and functionality of the MCP Mayan Tzolk’in application.

How come this app doesn’t count down to December 21, 2012?
The MCP Mayan Tzolk’in mobile app focuses on the Tzolk’in and only the Tzolk’in.  It does not calculate the Haab or the Long Count dates, is not a 2012 countdown clock, nor does it provide information on the December 21, 2012 date and its purported meaning.  The purpose of the app is to give you a deep connection to the energies of the sacred Tzolk’in calendar, and to enable you to understand the nature and meaning of the Tzolk’in’s essential building blocks, namely the daysigns and the numbers.  For more details about the intention and purpose of this application, visit the main mobile app page.

Help!  I’m having technical issues with the app on my iPhone/Android smartphone.
If you are having technical problems with your MCP Mayan Tzolk’in mobile app, please consult your iPhone or Android documentation first, to rule out problems with your device.  We also recommend checking your other apps installed on your phone to determine whether the issues you are experiencing are indeed specific to the MCP Mayan Tzolk'in app.  If you still experience difficulties using the app, please email us at with a detailed description of what is not working or what you were trying to do, and the make/model and version number of your device.

If you have questions or issues not addressed in this FAQ section, please email us at