Fundamentals of Mayan Astrology Part I (recording)





Respected Mayan Calendar author and scholar Kenneth Johnson presents a two-part online workshop on the basics of Mayan astrology, with information on the deeper meaning of the sacred day signs and numbers that has never been presented before in this comprehensive and systematic form.  This knowledge comes straight from the teachings of contemporary Mayan Daykeepers, exactly as it is practiced today in Central America, unfiltered and unaltered.

In this session, Part I, we explore the essential philosophy of the Maya behind the 20 day signs and the 13 numbers, which too often goes ignored in many texts that explain the Mayan Calendar.  You will...     

  • Learn about the day signs as naguals, archetypal imprints of character
    and essence
  • Explore the feminine energies of the 13 numbers as outward personality factors

You also receive a downloadable PDF that includes:

  • Calendar boards in both the traditional and the contemporary K'iche' styles
  • Detailed descriptions of the 20 day signs, complete with animal totems
    and conception signs
  • Detailed descriptions of the thirteen numbers

Check out Part II of this workshop series. 

Note: we highly recommend purchasing both workshops, or just Part I if you're interested in only one session.  However, Part II builds on Part I and we therefore do not recommend purchasing Part II alone.

Important information regarding downloads: this webinar recording is available in MPEG4 and QUICKTIME formats.  You can download either or both once you're done with checkout.  If you require a different media format, please email us and we will be delighted to reformat the recording for you at no extra charge, assuming it's a standard media format.


Testimonials from past webinar attendees (live sessions): 

Thanks so much. The webinar was truly remarkable.  
~ Helen Sherry, PhD.

I found a lot of the details in the (accompanying) PDF to be new and interesting as well as Ken's knowledge of the differences and how they relate between groups of the Mesoamerican (people) who use the Calendar.
~ Jeff Grant

I liked the way the place of its origins was honored, the oral teachings passed from person to person, the slides took my vision to that place and the speaking from one's own experiences, one's own truths... gave more depth to what was shared.
~ Abadi Morse

Most interesting to me was gaining some understanding of the context the Calendar has for the present day Maya.
~ Mercy Wolf


IMPORTANT NOTE: This webinar recording is for personal individual use only; it may not be shared, copied, resold, disseminated or distributed to third parties through any means, whether physical or digital.