Thursday, Feb 4, 2016
13 Ahau/Ajpu
9:30am PST / 11:00am PST
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The Mayan Art of Dreaming

with Kenneth Johnson

A LIVE online class with Kenneth Johnson, author of Jaguar Wisdom

13 Ahau/Ajpu
Thursday, February 4, 2016

9:30am PST / 12:30pm EST / 18h30 CET

11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST / 20h00 CET


Respected Mayan Calendar author and scholar Kenneth Johnson presents a special online workshop on the Mayan approach to the experience and interpretation of dreams.

The Maya believe that there is an aspect of the soul (the nawal or nagual) that can leave the body during sleep and experience adventures in the dream world, in an alternate state of consciousness.

Daykeepers take note of the Chol Q’ij day upon which the dream occurs and use the symbolism to guide the spiritual process of their apprentices. Ken was given one such dream manual while he lived in Momostenango and will share the general principles of this rare art during the class.

Ken will also share an amazing story about villagers in central Mexico who still speak Nahuatl (the ancient Aztec language) and who all dream the same collective dreamscape, participating in one vast dream encompassing the whole village population.

Each session lasts one hour, including time for audience questions at the end.  SPACE IS VERY LIMITED: THERE IS A MAXIMUM OF 8 (EIGHT) PEOPLE PER SESSION.

COST: $50

Please note! You will need a Google email address (Gmail) to participate in this class, as we are holding it via Google Hangouts. Upon completion of payment, we will email you the private link to the Hangout which is for your personal use only.

Please indicate in the comments during checkout, or email us, which session you will be participating in (1 or 2) so we can send you the correct link.


The Mayan Art of Dreaming