Welcome to the Mayan Calendar Portal marketplace.  Check out our apps, read our books, explore our selection of sacred Mayan day sign templates and Mayan eCards, or listen to one of our popular seminars.

Books, Incense & More

Our books carry some of the most in-depth knowledge about the Mayan Calendar you'll find.  Learn about Maya astrology and how to integrate the Tzolkin into your daily life, watch an amazing documentary about 2012, explore the meaning of Time, Light and our capacity for Vision, enjoy genuine Maya black and white copal, and much more!

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Mobile Apps (iPhone/iPad/Android)

Check out our mobile apps: MCP Mayan Tzolkin, the award-winning official app of the MCP, the only app that brings you the full set of 260 daily energies of the Tzolkin calendar.  Available in English and Spanish on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.  My Mayan Match is the only mobile app currently available that gives you access to the little-known personal compatibility matrix embedded in the Tzolkin.

MCP Mayan Tzolkin: iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Google play/Android

MCP Tzolkin Maya en Español: iOS (iPhone/iPad) o Google play/Android

My Mayan Match: iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Google play/Android

MCP Talks & Seminars

Learn about Mayan astrology, listen to our podcasts on sacred time. Listen to international authors, filmmakers, scholars, and other expert professionals whose work focuses on the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan culture. Personalities interviewed include Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Kenneth Johnson, Dr. Robert Sitler, and others.

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Mayan Graphic & Design Templates

Want to create a unique work of art with your or your loved ones' daysign, personalize clothing, or a beautiful tattoo of your daysign?  Browse through our selection of Mayan graphic design templates.

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Mayan eCards

Send an original Mayan eCard to someone special! Browse our selection of sacred Mayan birthday and Love & Abundance cards, and input your own personal message.  

Our birthday cards calculate your loved one's birthday and display their Maya birth sign.

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Support the work of the Mayan Calendar Portal and special projects related to our larger scope of work.

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