Web site about the Mayan Calendar.  In French.

Voyageurs du Nouveau Monde
Blog about the Mayan Calendar.  In French.

The mission of this site is to help bring a balance between the spiritual and physical plane in ourselves and the rest of the world. The site includes links to music, seminars and workshops.  In Danish.

Zatori Maya Calendar Forum
A forum focusing on the Mayan Calendar.  In Danish.


This site contains material from Dr. Calleman’s site and the Mayan Majix web site, translated into German.
Christa Thalbauer works in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, giving lectures and workshops on the traditional Mayan Calendar. She also does individual counseling sessions on personal Mayan Sun Signs and the Mayan Tree of Life.  In German.


Maya Kalender    
The goal of this web site is to help people with the transformation to a We Are All One consciousness.  Includes free "We Are All One" workshops throughout Holland and Belgium.  In Dutch.

Golden Light Center   
Golden Light Center is a Dutch site, split into Deeksha and Mayan information. The site also contains a fair amount of explanation about using and reading the Mayan Calendar.  In Dutch.

The Center for Human Emergence   
The Center for Human Emergence is an organization with local nodes worldwide, whose purpose is to stimulate action for global transformation.  In Dutch, Danish, English and German.
This web site contains general information on the Mayan Calendar as well as translated articles from Dr. Calleman and others, including related articles that can broaden one’s vision on the cyclic timepath of the Mayan Calendar.  In Dutch.


This web site features blogs, videos, articles, Twitter reposts and other information about the Mayan Calendar and some of the personalities working actively in it, including Dr. Carl Calleman and Bente Brunvoll.  In Norwegian.


We have no idea what this site says but it is indeed a Polish site with information about the Mayan Calendar.  In Polish.

Anielski Swiat
A web site with information, links and events related to the Mayan Calendar. In Polish.


Web site with information about the Mayan Calendar submitted to us by one of the members of our community in Sweden.  In Swedish.

Web site with more detailed information about the Tzolk'in.  In Swedish. 


The following sites are run by Fatih Keçelioğlu in Turkey:

Maya Yaşam Ağacı ile Bireysel Rehberlik (in Turkish)

New World Awakening: In the Guidance of the Mayan Calendar (in English)

The Mayan Calendar and the Evolution of Consciousness (in English)

The Mayan Calendar and the Evolution of Consciousness (in Turkish)


We're always looking for informative, engaging Mayan Calendar web sites all over the world.  If you know of an interesting web site anywhere in Europe or Central Asia, please email us and let us know!  We will review and post it here as appropriate.