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Just yesterday I discovered your portal, and man!, I mean, just wow ;-)
I got the feeling of finding something once lost, but was there, close at hand, to be found. I've been searching for the missing puzzles, the meaning of it all. My life, my destiny, what is to become of us all, what to expect, what to fear and to look foreward to, all came down to this, your portal, it gave some meaning to it all.
Love the home page ;-)

Allan Lind Stilling

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of your site. I shall treasure and use it with the utmost gratitude.
Renny Havery

The reason I am in love with this page is you have all the information in one place and it is a beautiful work.
Ahmad Yousefbeigi

Thank you for the bautiful and informative website you have on the MC.
Natalija Reljic, Canada

The El Quetzal is a great idea. I especially appreciate the way you describe the energy of the new Trecena.
Daniel O'Brien

There are no technical [issues]on your site; it works beautifully. Thanks for sharing such great information and I wish you all luck!
Lennart Hjalmarsson, Sweden

 Thank you for creating The Mayan Calendar Portal...such a blessing and honor to be part of this group and wonderful experience we call life! ♥ Namaste ♥
Shereen Shuster

I just wanted to say that your website is beautiful and has a great feel. Thank you for creating it, and for making it available to the world.
Steve Copeland, Director, Shift of the Ages
Los Angeles, California

Thank you again for all that you are doing to keep us in sync the flow of time! The Twitter account is so useful, I love having a daily insight sent to my phone each day! It has really helped me in my ongoing efforts to change my calendar!
Marty Driggs

Love your website design and the purpose of it! Thank you!
Deion'El Kuma'Ra

Lately things have become much more clear and positive to me about this whole new way of thinking by doing the right research in which your site played a very important rule. I would like to thank you so much for that… I would like to thank you for all the amazing work you do and for helping me climbing out of darkness.
Floris Wagemakers, The Gourmet Offensive, Galway, Ireland

I LOVE your website. I saw a Guatemalan woman and she spoke very highly of the Mayan calendar as a guide and value for future. Your site was the best to try to utilize it for understanding and direction for a newby as myself.
Janet Thurston, CNM, FNP

I'm thrilled to be a part of your fantastic Mayan Portal Calendar website! It's a wonderful site full of great information for all of us. You've created an easy to use yet crucial resource and access point for resources for our planet and the progress of society. I'm very impressed and honored to be a part of it. I've always thrived to create music that can help in our progress to clearer awareness and a more positive consciousness. I really appreciate your consideration and want to extend my gratitude for using my music.
Adrian Fischer, composer

Wonderful work you are doing... Gorgeous.
Kenyon Taylor, Ojai, California

Thank you for this very beautiful and uplifting site. I have just now learned of it and look forward to learning more about this Calendar System that has fascinated me for many years.
Brian Rolland, 2009

I love your new site. I am very pleased to see how easy it is now to get to the daily Tzolk'in and use it each morning as a gage on the day.
Holly Norman, San Francisco, California

i recently discovered your site and i am truly amazed, you have done a fantastic job : )
Nicole Wilson

What a beautiful site—form and contents, just amazing. 

I came across your web site when looking up information on the www about the Mayan portal, etc. Your site is really interesting and welcoming and you appear to be genuine, which is quite unusual in this day and age.
Jan Burnett, United Kingdom



your site ... works beautifully. Thanks for sharing such great information and i wish you all luck!
Lennart Hjalmarsson, Hudiksvall, Sweden

WHAT a GREAT website ....WELL DONE
Ted Duggan, United Kingdom

This site is one of the most beautiful and tasteful I have ever seen, thank you.
Chuck Kachulis, Iowa

What an excellent site! I am so glad to see this up and running. Thank you so much!
Beth, North Carolina